George Babarus

Software engineer

"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability." Edsger W. Dijkstra
By the time I realized that software development was always my passion. I was programming since my childhood when I was very focused to solve real-world problems not just writing cool code.
Right now I find myself in the position of following childhood dream, but with a varied educational background in the engineering field and fulfilling experience path.
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About Me

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  • Name: George Babarus
  • Address: Bucharest, Romania
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Phone: (+40) 734 344 544
  • Email: george (dot) babarus at


I had the chance to work in interesting software projects (for some multinational retailers), using various Cloud Services. I like being involved in challenging solutions for applications and I would like to think about me that I have an overview thinking thanks to the electronics/hardware education background.

What I Do ?

I have been working, mostly, as a backend developer in the e-commerce industry (outsourcing or in-house), but I was also involved in many other fields.

  • Application architecture
  • Software audit
  • Backend development
  • Frontend Development
  • Linux configuration
  • Project/Team management

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  •  PHP
  •  Zend
  •  Phalcon
  •  Magento
  •  Prestashop
  •  OpenCart
  •  Jquery
  •  Prototypejs
  •  Backbone
  •  Dojo
  •  Cloud migration
  •  Architecture documentation and implementation
  •  Business Analysis
  •  Infrastructure & Architecture Audit
  •  Security audit
  •  Code review





  • 2016-2018

    Senior Software Engineer

    Skin Media, Bucharest
    Job description
    1. E-commerce development and sales events
    2. ERP/CRM application development
    3. Team technical support
    Used technologies: PHP, Zend, Mysql, JavaScript
  • 2015-2016

    Senior Software Engineer

    Zitec Com, Bucharest
    Job description
    • Cloud (Azure Blob Storage, Azure Table Storage, Redis and others), AWS Cloud, Opencart, Prestashop
    • Developed scalable PHP application in Azure/AWS Cloud
    • Performance optimization for sale events (as Black-Friday or Cyber Monday)
    • Direct communication with the clients and project estimation
    • Technical lead
    Used technologies: Magento, PHP, ZEND 2, Phalcon, JavaScript, jQuery, PrototypeJs, MySql/Percona, SOLR, Nginx, Linux, Azure
  • 2013-2015

    Software Engineer

    Zitec Com, Bucharest
    Job description
    • Developed custom e-commerce solutions (back-end) and integrations
    • Customer assistance, project documentation, performance testing and optimization
    Used technologies: Magento, PHP, ZEND 2, Phalcon, JavaScript, jQuery, PrototypeJs, MySql, SOLR, Nginx, Linux, SOLR, Opencart, Prestashop
    Projects: Altex, Flanco, Dacris, Emag, Borealy, Zonia, Motoriders,, DPD
  • June 2012 - September 2012

    Medical Engineering (internship)

    Kempenhaeghe Hospital, The Netherlands
    Job description
    • Developed of new architecture prototype which helps patients with epilepsy.
    • Developed Android and Windows applications which performed communication over Bluetooth and TCP/IP protocol.
    • Developed shimmer sensor new features in C language focused to obtain better battery consumption.
    Used technologies: C# and dotNet Framework, Java and Android, C for TinyOs, Matlab
  • 2011 - 2012

    Software Developer

    E-dea Works, Bucharest
    Job description
    • Developed back-end features for an online training platform: users relations/dynamics (coach-trainee) and interaction, document search using Lucene, Payment integration, payment and reward flow, messaging system, dashboard and other.
    • Developed javascript features using dojo framework.
    Used technologies: PHP, Zend, Magento, Javascript & Dojo, Mysql, Lucene
  • 2009 - 2011

    Software Developer

    part-time, project-based
    Job description
    • Contributed to project planning, development strategy, marketing strategy for (HR administration tool) and some others ecommerce websites.
    Used technologies: PHP, Zend, Magento, Html, CSS, Javascript


  • 2016-2018

    Master degree in Software Engineering

    University of Bucharest, Romania
    Studied fields:
    • Project and team management
    • Parallel programming
    • Database technologies
  • 2009-2013

    Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

    Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania
    Studied fields:
    • Electronics: Analog and digital Circuits, Microprocessors and assembly language
    • Computer science: Programming, OOP, Algorithms, Optimization, Image processing, Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Parallel processing
    • Information technology: Cryptography, Communication systems
    • Medical Engineering

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